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Ruler Bag

Description:  This is a awesome bag to hold all of your rulers, has 7 different pockets on the inside and 3 different ones on the outside of the bag,  Use a collection of fabrics or just lots of different pieces of fabric.  This class is also great class to take to be able to use all of  the different decorative stitches on your sewing machine.  Come in the shop to see the sample of bag

Skill Level:
Sewing machine in good working order Basic sewing supplies 6? x 24? ruler Rotary cutter and mat Thread for stitching Topstitch needles 90/14 or 80/12 Decorative thread Superior Mono Poly Thread Strong straight pins Safety Pins Walking Foot Pocket full of Ruler Pattern June Taylor Tube Turners (optional) FABRIC LIST Pockets 3 fat quarters Fabric Strips for Bag 30 strips (widths from 1-1/2? to 3-1/2? x 22? long) Lining (Bag and Pockets) 1-2/3 yards Permanent Press Muslin ? yards Binding 1/3 yard Webbing 4 yards (1? wide) Fusible Interfacing 3 yards (prefer Craft Fuse) Batting 2 pieces each 22? x 27? (or ? yard) VERY IMPORTANT TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL YOUR FABRIC CUT BEFORE CLASS. CUTTING Fabric strips for Bag Front and Back You will need 12 to 14 strips for each side of bag (total of 24-28 strips). They need to be varying widths between 1/1-2? and 3-1/2 ?, and at least 22? long Bag Lining Cut 2 pieces 21? x 26? Outside Front Pocket and Pocket Linings Front Top Pocket 8-1/2? x 22? (cut one of each) Front middle Pocket 8-1/2? x 16? (cut one of each) Front Bottom Pocket 8-1/2? x 11? (cut one of each) Inside Front Pocket and Pocket Linings Pocket 1 8-1/2? x 7-1/2? (cut one of each) Pocket 2 6? x 10? (cut one of each) Pocket 3 5? x 12-1/2? (cut one of each) Pocket 4 8-1/2? x 14-1/2? (cut one of each) Inside Back Pockets and Pocket Linings Pocket 5 6? x 6? square (cut one of each) Pocket 6 & 7 9? x 10-1/2? (cut one of each) Batting Cut 2 pieces 22? x 27? Muslin Cut 2 pieces 22? x 27? Fusible Interfacing (Craft Fuse) Cut 2 pieces 21?x 26? and Cut 2 pieces 22? x 27? Binding Cut 3 strips - 2-3/4? by width of fabric (WOF) Cut 1 strip 2-1/2? x width of fabric (WOF) SEWING BEFORE CLASS You need to make two strips sets that are at least 22? x 27?
 each. These are for the front and back of the bag. Also you can make pockets 1 through 7 for the inside of the bag. You also can have all of your pockets made before class . 

Instructor Name:
Jerrine Kirsch

Ruler Bag

$ 65.00